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Scanax helps you increase efficiency of your drone operation. We also help you improve your UAS operations, do risk assessments, write Operations Manuals and Applications.

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About us

Scanax provides drone consultancy services. Our team of consultants has a  combined experience of working with both business strategy and hands-on drone operations for various applications and industries. Our field of knowledge includes business strategy,  safety, legal and technical expertise.

Scanax’s consultants are experienced in both manned and unmanned aviation as well as traditional management consultancy. We can help you with your UAS strategy, audit your UAS operations, and build your business case for efficient and safe drone deployment.

By working with Scanax, you have access to market-leading experts within the drone ecosystem; including software, safety management, training, and hardware procurement support.

About us.

automated inspection with drones

Drones are very useful for the gathering of aerial data. Setting up efficient drone operations at scale requires experience and practice. We have experience from working closely with clients in several industries and know what it takes to operate drones safely and efficiently at scale. 

We separate  operation between point-, line- and area-based inspections, as we acknowledge the differences between these type of operations. A general goal is to improve efficiency, usually with increased level of automation, without compromising quality.


We often divide operation into these three phases:

  1. Planning phase: pre-flight mission planning, risk analysis, permission etc.   

  2. In-field phase: everything connected to the actual operations, and

  3. Analysis: data handling routines, analysis and processing.

Safe and efficient operations also requires a holistic view everything connected to the operation of drones, such as system integration, operator training and fleet management etc. Remember to update your Operations Manual. 


We have benchmarked the industry leaders and can help you chose the best system or service for your needs. We are an independent third party at your service. 


Automated gathering of aerial data by drones will soon be as easy as ubiquitous. Aerial data insights can be a competitive edge and become an important business intelligence tool.

Max Hjalmarsson, Business Developer

Drones facilitate 

We help you answer drone related questions like;

  • How can we benefit from drones? 

  • We want to do XYZ with drones, can it be done?

  • What hardware, software, and licenses do we need? 

  • What investments are we talking about?

  • Which are the best industrial solutions for our operation?

  • How ready are the solutions on the market? 

    • Where do we order drones tailored for our mission?

  • How do we get going?  


We help you answer these questions, usually on a project basis. It can be a discovery or feasibility study. Together we make your drone operations safer, increase quality and raise overall cost effectiveness. Get in touch to hear more.

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Gothenburg, Sweden |  Tel: +46 (0) 735-350 315 | Email: hello (at)

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